“Hyper-digitalized” vs. “Under-connected”

Since the down of the history, there has always been inequality between the nations. This inequality, however, has been  felt much stronger this time while the standarts and opportunities in certain geographies has been changed due to technological and scientific developments and others could not actualize this upward trend at all.  According to UNCTAD’s Digital Economy Report, “the world is characterized by a yawning gap between the under-connected and the hyper-digitalized countries.” 

In this article, as the first episode of the serie, we will analyze the “yawning gap” between the nations with regarding the socio-economic and other disruptive impacts of the technology. Then we can move to international policy suggestions in the next episode.




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Published by Ece Su Ustun

Lawyer & Researcher Bilkent University (B.A) & University of California, Berkeley (LL.M)

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